Why You'll Love Using the HoogleIT Service


Convert Price Comparison Shoppers

Up to 82% of shoppers compare prices before they buy online. With the HoogleIT  Service you can talk to, engage with, and agree price and service with your customers before they go to your competitors.

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Up to 74% of buyers abandon their shopping cart at checkout. This can be for a variety of reasons; unexpected charges such as shipping, taxes, delivery dates etc. With HoogleIT you can talk the customer through the purchase and make it clear to them what is involved or included. By removing any nasty little surprises, you can significantly reduce your levels of abandonment at checkout.  

Build Customer Loyalty

Most people prefer to buy locally, particularly for higher value items. The HoogleIT Service allows customers to give their preferred vendor or brand, the opportunity to match a price or level of service they’ve found elsewhere.

Engage New Customers With a Button Promotion

Running a Button promotion can be a novel way to attract new customers and build your customer database. We have a variety of Button promotions available which can be run for a day, a week or for as long as you like. You can set up a promotion in a matter of minutes. Each promotion is perfect for customer engagement and revenue building. 

It's Not all About Price

Many customers are aware that they can buy a product for a similar or better price elsewhere. HoogleIT allows you to engage with these customers and inform them of your service levels, loyalty schemes, extended warranties, convenient locations, or other benefits you can offer, other than price.

Simple to Install and Use.

Simply insert our code snippet into your website and the service is live. It’s as simple as inserting a social media button. You can then choose to place it on one product or on as many as you like. You can also customise the name and style of the button to reflect the look and feel of your own website. If you decide to withdraw the promotion, simply turn it off any time.


You can find more benefits and other service FAQ's here →