Frequently asked questions


HoogleIt Price Chat / Haggle service for online retailers.

 1) What is it? 

It’s a button that is put on a product in an online shop. The button enables retailers to engage with and convert the price comparison shopper during a special Haggle promotion period, or for an extended period.  

 2) Why should online retailers be interested?

Price comparison shopping is widespread both online and in-store. People want to buy locally and from a brand they recognise, particularly when it's a bigger ticket item. The Price chat button lets them engage with you so they can get what they want, from the shop they want to buy from.

 3) “We don’t want to give the wrong message to our customers”.

The button can be placed on one, many or all products. Try it on clearance items, slow moving product or during a special promotion. The message doesn’t need to be site wide. The message doesn’t need to be, we’re an auction site. It’s not all about price, it’s about engagement with your customers.

4) Doesn’t that already exist?

Yes, a similar service was recently introduced by Amazon in their platform, as an e-commerce game changer. Our service can be used in any website, not just in the Amazon platform.

 5) What are the real benefits?

a) Increased revenue from Price Comparison shoppers:

Increased conversion rates. You’ve paid to get buyers to your website. Customers know what they want to buy from you, now you can talk to them before they choose a slightly cheaper option elsewhere

b) Online marketing benefits:

Customer engagement improves customer loyalty, search marketing and social media development. The Button is another touch point, complete with social media integration - “Just got a great deal on my new TV” Share on Facebook.

c) Brand Enhancement / Transparency – We’re here to talk:

People are happier to have a price match discussion online, there’s no embarrassment. Without the button, the customer has little choice, buy where I want at a slightly higher price or buy elsewhere. With our service, it’s easier to hold on to your customer and make the sale.

d) Presentation to suit your brand position and design:

The Haggle Button can be presented as “Price Match”, “Price guarantee”, “Price Promise”, “Haggle” or whatever you want to name it. The service also has flexibility of design to suit any website – size, colour, logo etc.

 e) Perfect for End of Line, Clearance Sales and Special


Encourage customers to engage with you during special promotional periods or on a select range on products.

 f) Real time pricing updates from customers about what competitors are doing.

Let your customers tell you where they can get the product cheaper. Then decide if you want to match the price, or offer something else to help close the sale.

 g) Loyalty Program Benefits:

A great way to deliver another benefit to your loyalty members. The Hoogleit service can be delivered so only loyalty members have the option available.

 h) Bulk Buying:

Encourage buyers to buy more than one item, by offering a discount.

 i) Novelty:

Your customers get a new novel way to engage with you while they shop.

 j) Reporting and Analytics:

Full reporting and analytics included – number of offers, sales, prices etc. This information can help you to update pricing policies and customer messaging.

 6) Surely Haggling and Price Matching is a race to the Bottom?

Widespread Price Comparison is already here, there are many services that your brand may already be published on, with prices that buyers are using to compare you with your competitors. Buyers now think they know who’s cheapest and therefore best. Currently it’s difficult for them to engage online on this topic with you. Rather than a race to the bottom, it’s an opportunity to engage with these customers, one to one. Engagement is better than mass discounting, to match all prices. Engagement allows you to showcase why you’re better. It’s not all about price.

 7) We can do this ourselves, we can have it developed on our website?

 It’s a simple idea but the service demands a lot of cutting edge technology to install on one or many products. We have invested extensive time and resources into developing our Patent pending technology.

 8) How does it work?

The service is delivered through a “Button” presented on the site, on one, many or all products. The button opens up your exclusive service dashboard, accessible via any desktop, laptop or mobile device. A buyer clicks the service button and makes an offer to a retailer for that particular product, with a reason why they want a discount. The reason might be it’s cheaper down the road or they want to buy more than one, etc. Both parties can communicate through a chat facility. When a price or deal has been agreed, a voucher is issued to the buyer which can be redeemed in store or they can complete the payment there and then.

 9) How easy is it, for the retailer, to install the software?

 It takes 5 minutes. The retailer injects our simple code (just like Google analytics or a Facebook like button) into their website. The retailer can choose one, many or all products to enable, by clicking on them in their website, or they can enable many or all products in one go by using a CSV upload. The service can be disabled in the same way, by clicking on the product in your website.

 10) How easy is it for me to use the service?

It’s intuitive by design, to handle many simultaneous customer engagements from your dashboard. Multi-access levels, with full reporting, so you know where you are. Easy to enable or disable products with one click.

 11) How will my customers use it?

• Your customer will see the Haggle (or whatever you decide to call it) Button beside the product displayed on your website.

• Your customer clicks the button to chat and make an offer.

• Customers register only once. Once registered, they will be automatically logged in anywhere they see the service.

• Customers can use the service from any device.

• Customers will see the service on many websites. The user experience is the same on each.

• Customers will be rated from their use of the service everywhere.

12) What about service support?

The service is managed and supported 24/7/365 for our customers.

 13) Will I know who the buyer is, will I get their details?

Yes, but only after you conclude a transaction with them.

 14) How much does it cost?

Signing up for our Beta is completely free.

 15) Who is using this?

We have beta customers installing the service now.

16) Can I see a Demo?

Yes, call or email us and we’ll be happy to give you access to our service demonstration site.

 17) When can I install it?

You can install the service now. You can contact us anytime at